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Today I woke up and discover that somehow my internet access was blocked. I wondered why. Was it because I made one of the 10 mistakes in a conversation listed by The Positivity Blog ? Luckily I have a way around blocked websites. Actually I have ten ways. J. Thanks to Darius whom sent me an email the day before. The email actually gave me a short and useful article on “How to access blocked websites - Top 10

Finally jumping through the hoops to get online, I check out the some movies to watch. Knowing that my girlfriend has an interest in pretty clothes, as all girls do, I search for “Top Ten beautiful movies” and stumble upon Top Ten Picks for Costume Flicks by Tim Abbott. His article gives me a list of movies that have a wonderful costume design and elaborate dresses in them. I pick one and email my girlfriend and ask her to come over.

While waiting for her reply, I decide to just surf around the internet. Soon I have done most of the stuff on this list (When slacking turns to absolute sloth by Brad) that I realize that I have been wasting my time. I have even stumbled upon a website that says “Allotments: Ten Reasons Why Preston City Council Should Not Build Over Them” http. Since I do not leave in Preston and actually have no idea why that is, I decide to check the activity on

Looking at the referrals of my visitors, I realized Google is providing referrals with “Top Ten” in their search term. Fortunately there wasn’t any weird terms like “dog fart protein” or “how to give a gay headjob” like Conan Stevens’ Top 20 Weird Google Search Terms That Had Visitors Come To My Site.

My girlfriend just came online so I IMed her. But she doesn’t reply. Definitely still angry about me forgetting our monthly anniversary yesterday. Well doesn’t she know that its her fault coz she never reminded me? She should check out this list of Ten Things Women Don’t Know About Guys by Bob. It will help her understand more about the male species.

I decided that it was best we just keep our distance. There must be something else I could do now. How about fixing that leaking roof. It’s a simple DIY job that will take all afternoon and I wouldn’t have to endure the endless nagging from my room mate after that. We didn’t have any more money to find a professional because he stupidly sent our savings to a Nigerian prince. Hasn’t he heard of the 419 scams? Darn, I should have shown him this list of “A quick list of the Top 10 Scams of 2006 By Silicon Valley Blogger”. That way I wouldn’t need to fix the roof myself now!

Knowing that Paul is into home improvement, I ask him to give me some advice before I get started. Paul points me to his blog post on “Like DIY? Avoid these TEN costly mistakes.” Seeing that money is hard to come by now, I thank him for his timely post.

5 hours later…

The roof is fixed and a sense of satisfaction flows into me. In a philosophical mood, I lie on the roof and reflect upon my life. What has life taught me? A voice whispers into my ear. It’s Arvind and he is sharing with me the 10 things life has taught him . And so I continue to wonder what lies ahead….. To Be Continued….
I hope you have enjoyed the first edition of our Top Ten List Carnivals: Where Top Ten List come to interact. We will be having our second carnival and continuation of our story soon.

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